Virgin Slayer

A powerful Discord Captcha to keep you safe from Bots!


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We banned



We served




captchas were solved correctly.


captchas were not solved in time.


users left without solving.

We had         


users joined a guild (in total)...

... from which


users were banned!


VirginSlayer provides streamlined access control for Discord Communities. A player that tries to join gets a Jailed-Role that prohibits access to the servers Channels.

After solving the captcha successful the bot grants access within the next Minute.


Every server is automatically approved and trusted. We can manually remove the trust factor.

We currently only support trusted and approved server. If you want VirginSlayer consider writing us. SteffTek#3664

Banned Accounts

Yes, we BAN accounts. If we have enough evidence that a user spams or uses spambots, or is toxic, we ban their Discord IDs.
Banned users still can JOIN, but it's up to the server owner if they are approved. If you want to manually approve someone - banned or not - remove his Jail-Role.

Banning people is manual by our Team. If you have evidence that someone is using Spam-Bots, send the evidence & UserID to SteffTek#3664

Info for Admins

VirginSlayer logs any suspicious or weird behavior in a special designed Channel.

Two channels are generated:
• Info Channel for New Users
• Log Channel

When you create a new channel VirginSlayer automatically assigns the Jailed-Role to that channel. You still can override the permission settings for the Jail-Role per channel, it won't be overwritten unless you delete the setting.

THIS BOT WORKS BEST WITH ADMIN PERMISSION but can also be used without, if given the right permissions.

This bot needs:
• Manage Role
• Manage/Kick Users
• Manage Channels
• and read/write to the bot created channels.
at all times.


If you have any role that is applied to users by other bots such as Mee6 when they join and grants any kind of permission to channels etc. - this bot MAY not work! VirginSlayer works by adding a role to every channel and denies access to that channel for the specific role. If another bot adds a role to a user that grants any permission, VirginSlayer will not work.

Info Log

User left without completing the captcha.


User didn't complete the captcha successfully.


Error Log

User hasn't received the captcha, maybe he has private messages disabled?


User is BANNED by VirginSlayer


The bot is too low in the role hierarchy. Make sure he is on top of the Jail-Role.


The bot has not enough PERMISSIONS. Make sure he has the above mentioned.


The bot couldn't set theCHANNEL PERMISSIONS. Manual add the Jail-Role to the channel's mentioned in the error log.



Q Is this a scam?

A Nope!

Q Can I try it?

A Sure, just join*this Server*.